Registration, health and litter registration for Shadow are available on the Kennel Club website at this link.

The link also provides confirmation of his hip scoring and inbreeding coefficient (6.7%).

You can also use the Kennel Club website to put in your girl’s details to see if there would be any inbreeding from a hypothetical mating.  Follow this link and then click ‘Add Mating Partners‘ at the bottom of the page.

A three-generation pedigree is available from Shadow’s champ-dogs web page.

Shadow’s stud fee is currently £450 payable at the first successful mating (cash or immediate payment via online banking). This includes up to two matings usually within days 10 and 14 of the girl’s season, and usually within 48 hours.  The best time for the dogs to mate is around day 12 of the girl starting her season. However, this is at your preference.

In the unlikely event that the girl doesn’t conceive after a successful mating, we will offer a free return mating, however she will need to be ultrasound scanned by your vet between day 28 and 35 after first mating with certification provided that she’s not pregnant at this stage to book a free return.

We’ll provide you with: a receipt for the stud fee, a Kennel Club approved contract, a copy of Shadow’s KC five-generation pedigree, and copies of his health certificates.  The latter can be sent electronically ahead of time if required.

If you have any other questions, please do ask!